Another Academic week behind us, so it's once again time to see what's up in the Wild side of Hearthstone. And as usual, our community members will act as our Tour Guides into the format. Let's see what they'll have in store this time!

Mecha'thun Rogue

Watermelon86 utilizes Secret Passage very cleverly in this OTK list. As the card does not shuffle your hand back into your deck, neither draw any cards from it, you can get rid of your hand quite efficiently without taking any fatigue damage in the process.

Big Warrior

The Big archetype got a good chunk of support in Scholomance, and SunburstWolfgang has been busy figuring out which cards are actually worth running in the Wild version of the deck.

Combo Warlock

I guess we all expected MarkMcKz would find a use for Pen Flinger, but this combo wasn't first on the list of ideas. By constantly hitting himself in the face, he's been able to play all of Rin's Seals AND Azari in one turn.

Getting OTK'd by an Easter Egg card some might not even know existed? Sounds like Mark's doing to me.

Deathrattle Hunter

An Elekk never forgets. You're unlikely to reach fatigue with ARES' deck, as the list is filled with cards shuffling more cards into your deck.

Spell Priest

This deck from frosthearth is just pure spell madness. Lyra and her Sethekk apprentices have fodder for days!

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