If you're like me and you've put off your ladder climb until the very last minute, first, don't do that, and second, we've got you covered! Here are the best decks to climb courtesy of the stat masters over at HSReplay.

Keep in mind that the winrates included in this post will fluctuate over time and may even differ depending on your rank (data is from Diamond to Legend).

Ramp Paladin (62.4% WR)

Weapon Rogue (62.1% WR)

Token Druid (61.1% WR)

Highlander Hunter (59.8% WR)

Secret Mage (59.5% WR)

That does it for the top decks to climb the Hearthstone ladder in January 2021. It sure has been an exciting month with the new mini set arriving and we're looking forward to seeing what meta evolution will bring next month.