Update: Blizzard has confirmed Caverns of Time will be present for at least the first 3 seasons in Twist. Our article has been updated to reflect this.

Twist has finally arrived! After a brief debut back in July for a beta test, Hearthstone's newest format replaces Classic with an ever-evolving mode that will have a new "twist" each new season - but seasons aren't always going to be monthly! This could be a simple change of the card sets, specifically curated lists of cards, or special rules that could change the way Hearthstone works at its core.

The first season, Wonders, makes use of the new straight-to-wild Caverns of Time set and brings back the following sets that are legal for the format:

This first set features a ton of old expansions which effectively makes this a Classic+ which is something players were asking for during the reign of the Classic format.

When Does Twist Wonders End?

Wonders is set to end at the end of September on the 30th. A new season is expected to be announced towards the end of the month with the meta taking a shakeup starting on October 1.

New Card Pack - Caverns of Time

With the new Caverns of Time set, which is not available in Standard, comes a brand new card pack. 34 brand new cards and 113 reprinted buffed cards make up the set that is currently only available in the Wild and Twist formats. It should be noted that if you aren't sure about playing Wild in the future, the Caverns of Time set is not likely to always be available in Twist which makes the question of "is it worth it" questionable. At the very least, we know the first three seasons of Twist will feature the set.

If you don't have many of the older cards that were a part of the buffed portion of the cards available in Caverns of Time, there can be some pretty decent value in picking up some older staple cards. If you do have a lot of those cards though, buying a few packs can be a very easy way to pick up all the new cards... though you'll likely want to spend dust on crafting the legendaries because there are a whopping seven new legendary cards

Note that Demon Hunter and Death Knight are not available in the Twist format and as such do not have cards in the Caverns of Time set.

Card packs still have their normal pricing, and golden packs are available as well if you're feeling particularly indulgent.

Twist's Wonderful Battle-Ready Decks

There are a handful of new battle-ready decks available in the in-game shop providing you with an easy way to drop into the format. They can be picked up for gold or real money and come in two different forms - regular and lite. The lite decks don't feature as many legendary cards.

What are you planning on playing in Twist?