Heroic Brawliseum is well underway and if you're looking to get yourself a 12 win run for those maximum rewards, why not play something that has been battle proven? We've compiled a list of decks for this week's Heroic Brawliseum that have done exactly that. Let's check out the decks, sorted by archetype.

As a reminder, Heroic Brawliseum costs 1000 Gold or 1000 Runestones to enter. Here is the reward structure:

Should I Play Heroic Brawliseum?

No. Heroic Brawliseum has proven time and time again that the majority of players are not going to be achieving great success. We went over this earlier this year in more depth but another big reason not to be baited into this trap is due to the mini-set for TITANS approaching and your gold, or money, would be much better spent there.

Discard Warlock

We've got two variants on Discard Warlock, from FTPigRushed & Corbett, both decks going 12-2. Corbett's version is very wallet-friendly.

Oh wait, you wanted even friendlier? Hijo went 12-2 as well with this even cheaper version of Discard Warlock - the archetype is quite strong in Wild!

Overload Quest Shaman

Viper took this Shaman deck to 12-2.

Soda went the extra mile going 12-1 and then 12-0 with the exact same deck. Proven? You bet!

Tony Miracle Druid

Norwis saw success in the Heroic Brawliseum by playing this Druid deck which includes plenty of ramp fun.

Mech Paladin

SN1P-SN4P is the sound you'll make on your way to a 12 win run with this Mech Paladin deck from Smogrenrbk.

Even Warrior

Have you run any decks to 12 wins in this week's Heroic Brawliseum? Post your decks and screenshots of proof below to help your fellow players achieve great success.