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Ever since the introduction of the rewards track, each expansion has always brought us a handful of achievements to complete in order to gain more rewards: while some of them are relatively easy to complete, some others may take some time or a proper set up. In case you're wondering what's the best way to gain all that sweet sweet XP locked behind Voyage To The Sunken City's achievements, do not fret, as we have the answer you're looking for!

In this guide we'll focus our attention on the Sunken City Demon Hunter achievements and provide at least one way to complete each of them so that you'll be able to get closer to the end of your reward track.

Novelty: starting from the Voyage To The Sunken City Achievement Guides, we're introducing the Related Achievements criterion, which basically goes to show if a certain achievement has a strong relation with another one (be it from the same class or from the Neutral section), and therefore if they are beneficial for each other from the completion point of view. All in all, it says if you can hit two (or more) birds with a single stone!

Disclaimer: as always, all expansion achievements can be completed in Ranked Standard, Ranked Wild, Arena, Casual & Heroic Duels and Classic - Casual Standard, Casual Wild and Tavern Brawl will not count towards your hunt! Moreover, we'll always take Ranked Standard as the default game format for our strategies: if we happen to have some strategies or particular interactions belonging to other modes to highlight, we'll be sure to specify it.

Here are all the achievements we're going to complete together:

  1. Fishing Minigame - Draw 20/40/60 cards that didn't start in your deck with Gone Fishin'.
  2. Foodfight Gone Wrong - Destroy the enemy hero with Filletfighter.
  3. Put the Money in the Bag! - Hold your opponent for ramson 25 times.
  4. Two Pair - Add 2 cards of the same Cost to your hand with Jackpot! 1/3 time(s).

Table of Contents

    Sunken City Rogue Achievements Overview

    Rogue's achievement set in Voyage To The Sunken City is slightly below average when it comes to completion difficulty:

    • Fishing Minigame just asks you to play a (very strong) card 60 times.
    • Foodfight Gone Wrong can be seen as annoying because you have to kill your opponent for the achievement to be done, but it's easier than one may think.
    • Put the Money in the Bag! asks you to play one of the entire set's funniest cards for a bunch of times.

    If you see it this way, you'll have to agree with use that there are classes in a far worse position.

    Edit: guide updated with the Throne of the Tides Mini-Set achievements.

    How to Complete the "Fishing Minigame" Rogue Achievement

    An achievement you cannot really "cheat out", since there aren't any reliable ways to generate more copies of Gone Fishin'. On the other hand, we are talking about a very good card, that is bound to see play in most (if not all) Rogue decks for a long time - it's a 1 mana "Discover your next draw", with Dredge synergy too!

    With this being said, our suggestion is to take it slow and have some Rogue shenanigans, maybe while completing Foodifght Gone Wrong or Put the Money in the Bag!

    Worth noting is that Fishing Minigame will progress only if the drawn card didn't start in your deck: therefore, Sunken synergy and Ambassador Faelin are fundamental for you.

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    How to Complete the "Foodfight Gone Wrong" Rogue Achievement

    There are two ways for you to destroy your opponent with Filletfighter:

    • The first one is through the unit's small Battlecry - 1 damage isn't a lot though.
    • The second one (and the one we recommend) is through a direct attack.

    In order to destroy our opponent with this little Pirate, we're going to abuse Mr. Smite's Charge aura effect: being Filletfighter a Pirate, you can combine it with Smite in an aggressive Rogue deck for a two-card 7 mana deal 10 damage.

    The plan is simple: exploit the strong Pirate synergy to be aggressive and dominate the early game board; when you're about to kill your opponent, do your possible for Filletfighter to deal the lethal blow.

    How to Complete the "Put the Money in the Bag!" Rogue Achievement

    Simple, albeit rather slow achievement. Play an active Pirate Admiral Hooktusk 25 times. As things are shaping up in the early Voyage To The Sunken City meta, it appears that Hooktusk is not the cornerstone of the Pirate Rogue archetype, so completing Put the Money in the Bag! will have you remarkably diverge from your usual gameplan.

    Other than this, there's not much else to add: just play lots of Pirates and be sure to have Pirate Admiral Hooktusk ready to be played on curve.

    How to Complete the "Two Pair" Rogue Achievement

    • Requirement: Add 2 cards of the same Cost to your hand with Jackpot! 1/3 time(s).
    • Speed Rating: 3/5
    • Related Achievements: none.

    As you can imagine, Two Pair is luck dependent, but we've seen way worse RNG achievements, so we'll gladly take this. To put it simple, all you need to do is keep playing Jackpot! until you're lucky enough to hit... jackpot for three times. If you want to do so while winning games, then Vicious Syndicate recently posted a cute list that suits your needs perfectly.

    • Disclaimer: this list was created before the nerf to Wildpaw Gnoll - while such change does not impact how Jackpot! works, the deck is not as strong as it was in the past.
    • We still think this is the most efficient, funniest and strongest way to get Two Pair done.

    On the other hand, we recognize that the Burgle Rogue list you see above is quite expensive and that not everyone may own all those Legendaries. For this reason, if you just want to play Jackpot! and get the job done, you may want to go to Wild and use Swindle to tutor Jackpot!.

    • Mulligan for either Jackpot! or Swindle, which will draw the former.
    • Cast Jackpot!.
    • Rinse and repeat until you get two spells that cost the same three times.

    Other Resources

    In case you're still deep in your achievement hunt, worry not: we prepared a guide for each class (and neutrals!) for you to take inspiration from, so that you'll be able to complete them in no time for those sweet sweet XP points.

    Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your achievement progression journey, and we have added an #achievements channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own decks that you've used to complete the achievements above.

    Good luck tackling any of these achievements for your experience boost or just for the sake of satisfying completion!