Yogg is Jaced

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Greetings! I'm Esparanta, a passionate Wild player who loves to explore the limits of Highlander decks. In this deck, we will let a miracle happen with either Yogg or Jace. Let's take a look, shall we?


  • Yogg: To win, play a lot of spells before unleashing the God of Death. If you wonder how to, here are my tips and tricks...
    • Play Educated Elekk and cast your spells. If your opponent also casts any, you will get those as well. When Elekk is killed, you can re-cast them, enlarging spell pool of Yogg.
    • Similar case can be said for Cheesemonger.
    • Nexus will contribute anything for your dreams, only if you press the Hero Power button.
    • Tidestone of Golganneth from Queen Azshara can add up 5 more.
  • Jace: You can try your luck by punching your opponent's face to death, if Yogg couldn't accomplish the mission for you...

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