Some of you may Even have guessed this post was coming after our Odd Spotlight last week. It was quite clear that Baku had already made some new friends, but how has Genn Greymane adapted to the academic life? Let's see what our community members think!

Even Paladin

High Abbess Alura slots nicely into Sparkinarius' deck, which runs multiple big buffs and no negatively affecting spells (although hitting Sound the Bells! might feel bad when you could've gotten Spikeridged Steed or Dinosize instead).

Even Totem Shaman

Don't let Pyronix trick you: this Odd-ly named deck is as Even as they get. The inclusion of Trick Totem should cause a healthy amount of fear for the safety of your own board at the end of your turns.

Even Warlock

Warlock has been a popular Even archetype to our deckbuilders, and here's Gam3rPr0's take on it. Flesh Giant has been a great addition to the deck, and Brittlebone Destroyer isn't that shabby either.

Even Deathrattle Priest

The aforementioned dual class duo made the cut for SirHerpDerp's Priest list too, as did Raise Dead. Is this the class pairing Blizzard succeeded the most with?

Even Secret Hunter

Not many new cards on this list, but don't blame Stargazer for that. Out of the 14 Hunter class cards this expansion, only one (Krolusk Barkstripper) is even-Costed. At least Manafeeder Panthara should prove to be a solid addition for a class which is notoriously bad at drawing cards.

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