For this week's edition of Wild memes, we've got something very special for you! Hearthstone streamer Slizzle466 highlighted a remarkable amount of fun decks from every server. Since there are really a ton of lists, we'll split up the whole thing in two different segments, so that you'll have enough time to savor them all.

Here's a video of Slizzle talking about each archetype for a couple minutes.

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Evildevil's Dragon Jade Druid

Jade Druid has been good since its release in late 2016, so it's no surprise to see Jade Idol in a deck. What really stands out is Deathwing being main decked in 2020 - after all, Druid has little to no board clears and you can go infinite with Jades. Pretty bold deckbuilding choice: me likey.

JustATaco's Odd Taunt Druid

Guardian Animals and Twilight Runner are really standing out in Standard these days, so let's give them a chance in Wild too. This deck features lots of new cards combined with powerful tools from the past like Malfurion the Pestilent, Hadronox and Spellstone, all combined with Baku the Mooneater's Dire Shapeshift.

Duwin's Secret Hunter

The Hunter master is back at it with another of his sweet theorycrafts - if you really miss Greater Emerald Spellstone into Deathstalker Rexxar... well, this is definitely the deck for you!

Concernedmom's Turtle Mage

Eddie brought this deck's Standard version to GM this week and rocked with it - even Vicious Syndicate (hail Vicious Syndicate) had to acknowledge this archetype's relevance. Therefore, here's Concernedmom's take, obviously with a Wild twist.

Husky0821's Murloc Paladin

Mrglll Gr Mlllgrrrr. Mgrgrgrllll mmmmmglrgll - Husky082 Mmmurlok mrrrrgggll. Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle!

m3s' Burgle Rogue

For Tess Greymane long-time lovers, this deck will give your weekend a pinch of unpredictability, for both your opponents and you. In the end, burgle always finds a way.

3e_anura's Odd Shaman

There are two categories of people: those who think Odd Shaman is a meme and those who lie. Well, 3e_anura brought this exact list to high Legend (yeah, you read well). Here's his first take on the archetype, uploaded on our forums about two weeks ago: as we can see, he opted for some changes here and there - if you have any specific questions, feel free to drop a comment under his list!

laboresangre's Big Warrior

Another Wild take on a deck that is popular in Standard but that has been around in Hearthstone's eternal format for entire rotations. Scholomance Academy brought us goodies like Rattlegore and Commencement, so why not? A big deck for big plays.

mazan's Dead Man's Hand Warrior

Another fan-favourite archetype - draw your whole deck, clear your opponent's board multiple times, shuffle your hand back into your deck and repeat the whole process until you win (or fall asleep).