This is a Wild Deathrattle Hunter deck making use of the fact that Augmented Porcupine received the double tribe treatment. That way, we can abuse the Magnetic mechanic and the Beast synergies at the same time. 

Augmented Porcupine

As always, this deck is an ongoing work in progress, so feel free to leave suggestions for improvements!

Augmented Deathrattles Hunter 

Augmented Deathrattles Hunter is a deck that is stacked to the brim with synergies. The fact that Augmented Porcupine is now a Beast as well as a Mech and sports a Deathrattle, allows us to combine three of the best supported Hunter archetypes in the game. In fact, there's so much support for this approach that I decided to make it a Renathal list so I can stuff in more cards. The 10 additional Health points won't hurt either since we need to survive the first few turns until the Porcupine fiesta can begin.

Here's what I'm looking forward to most:

Competitiveness, Win Condition, and Mulligan

I'm pretty sure this won't be a tier 1 deck either way, but if you want to go down a more competitive road, you should cut some of the fun cards like Dire Frenzy and add a Secret package with Dun Baldar Bunker. This will help you survive the early game and thin your deck at the same time. This is not what I'm aiming at here though, since there are already more refined lists out there following this approach and Darkmoon Tonk is probably a better pay off card to build such a deck around anyway. What we're trying to do here is building a semi-competitive meme deck.

This deck wants to win games by summoning endless waves of Porcupines and buffing them as much as possible. You can choose to defeat your opponent by smashing their face with the Porcupines or by triggering their Deathrattles. Or both. Both is fine as well. Your plan B is summoning other Mechs and magnetizing stuff to them - remember: Magnetic is pseudo-Charge if you manage to stick a board.

Cards you should be looking for in the mulligan:

Card Choices and Substitutes

There's a plethora of ways to build this deck, so feel free to adjust it to your personal gusto and your collection. A few suggestions from my side include:

  • Selective Breeder can be replaced by Warsong Wrangler. I went with the Breeder because he's cheaper and I prioritized tutoring the Porcupine early over buffing it.
  • I might yet cut down the Mech package a bit and add more Deathrattle stuff. The first target would probably be SN1P-SN4P, maybe also one copy of GalvanizerMechwarper and Click-Clocker. They could make room for cards like Feign DeathMok'Nathal LionTeron GorefiendDevouring SwarmGoblin PrankJewel of N'Zoth is too expensive for my taste, but you could always try running one copy and see how it goes.
  • You can do the opposite of the point above and reduce the dust cost of the deck by replacing Shan'do Wildclaw and Ini Stormcoil with a second copy of Replicating Menace and Wargear.
  • I've limited the number of Deathrattle minions to a minimum so you're almost guaranteed to find what you need when you play Nine Lives and Defense Attorney Nathanos. If you're fine with a little less consistency, cards like Ursatron are worth a second thought.
  • None of the legendaries is mandatory, but Zilliax is close to it since it's your single source of healing (not counting Tavish's armor gain).
  • Metaltooth Leapers can add support if you want to buff the ability of abusing a wide board created with the help of SN1P-SN4P and Replicating Menace, not to mention all those other Mechs and the fact that it buffs your Porcupine's attack as well.
  • Flare is the single tech card I've added because I hate Quest Mage and the deck is lacking draw anyway. I've tried to fix that with two copies of Tracking, but maybe Furious Howl is a better idea.
  • As mentioned under the previous section, you can add a Secret package in place of some of the more fun-oriented cards in order to hopefully boost your winrate.

Key Synergies

Part 1: The Beast Package

Scavenger's Ingenuity Card Image Selective Breeder Card Image Shan'do Wildclaw Card Image

Revive Pet Card Image Dire Frenzy Card Image

Find the Porcupine, buff the Porcupine, revive the Porcupine, multiply the Porcupine!

Part 2: The Mech Package

Fireworks Tech Card Image Venomizer Card Image Spider Bomb Card Image

Click-Clocker Card Image Skaterbot Card Image Galvanizer Card Image

Mechwarper Card Image SN1P-SN4P Card Image Replicating Menace Card Image

Wargear Card Image Zilliax Card Image Ini Stormcoil Card Image

Buff the Porcupine, magnetize your Mechs onto the Porcupine, Mana cheat the Porcupine, duplicate the Porcupine!

Part 3: The Deathrattle Package

Play Dead Card Image Fireworks Tech Card Image Nine Lives Card Image Defense Attorney Nathanos Card Image

Kill the Porcupine!

I certainly hope Augmented Deathrattles Hunter will be the semi-competitive meme deck I have built it to be, now that the dual tribe update is live. If you have any questions, ideas for improvements, or need advice for a card replacement, just comment below!