As we approach the halfway mark of the May season, it's once again time to take a look at the decks at the top of the Standard meta. Here are the 5 decks for you to take out on the ladder and win with!

Or, if you're a contrarian, we've once again included a counter-pick for each meta deck, an off-meta (or off-off-meta) strategy that appears to do well against it - this brings our total to 10 decks for your viewing pleasure.

Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight's grip on the top spot in the meta has only tightened in the past week, as it continues to exert its dominance over the format. Many players have realized the power of Blightfang turning the opponent's board into free tempo. Speaking of free tempo, Hawkstrider Rancher is exceptional buffing up the smaller minions, and all those corpses can eventually feed a huge Lord Marrowgar.

Counter-pick: Thief Priest

Controlling Priest shells are well-positioned to counter Unholy Death Knight with their abundance of removal and the cost reduction of Love Everlasting. This is even the case when you build for larceny with a Thief Priest deck that can use its opponent's cards against them, or extract extra value with The Harvester of Envy. The cards tagging along with E.T.C., Band Manager are Steamcleaner, Rivendare, Warrider, and Theotar, the Mad Duke.

Pure Paladin

Pure Paladin is a solid deck, but its lack of imagination has led to the rise of several decks near the top of the meta that can prey on its predictability. The list we're showcasing is the same one we displayed last week, since it remains our favorite build of the archetype, using Anachronos to cancel out opposing aggression and buy Uther a couple of turns.

Counter-pick: Burn Mage

Burn Mage, with its abundance of freezes and direct damage burst, can often ignore the large minions Paladin plays while it builds up a critical mass of Spell Damage and damage spells.

Undead Priest

Undead Priest remains committed to both the tribe and to aggression, looking to undercut the decks that build to a big finish and make sure that, when they get there, they're dead. Two copies of Bone Flinger is really the only adjustment this list has made for the archetype.

Counter-pick: Mech Paladin

The best way to counter Undead Priest is to match them for tempo and use annoying Taunt minions to keep their small things from hitting face. Zilliax and the Magnetic keyword are huge in that matchup. Besides, we think it's pretty cool to imagine a battle between Robots and Zombies.

Big Demon Hunter

Big Demon Hunter continues to keep its place near the top of the meta, combining cheap removal with the late-game dominance of larger and larger men. This version of the list runs a copy of Abyssal Depths to go along with Crushclaw Enforcer to make it a lot easier to tutor Felscale Evoker and have him ready on curve.

Counter-pick: Big Druid

To defeat the Big Demon Hunter, you must also go Big. Our pick to counter Big DH Energy is Druid, who can Ramp into its big bodies just a little faster than Illidan can and use Hedge Maze to trigger the Deathrattles of Death Blossom Whomper, Masked Reveler, and Sesselie of the Fae Court.

Outcast Demon Hunter

It took a bit, but the familiar face of Outcast Demon Hunter has regained a spot in the top 5, possibly thanks to the addition of Halveria Darkraven giving an aggressive AoE buff to its minions with the help of Rush the Stage and Vengeful Walloper. The deck can go fast, fighting to control the board against other aggressive decks, or slow down and play for value with Wretched Exile.

Counter-pick: Spooky Mage

If you're looking for a deck with a positive matchup against the Outcasts, then Spooky Mage could be the deck for you. With freeze effects, AoE board wipes, and the ability to pack on the damage with Volatile Skeletons, this archetype can be trouble for those boys from the 404.

What top decks are you playing in Hearthstone this season? Share them in our deckbuilder and show them off in the comments below.