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I want to start off by saying that this is the version of the deck that's been tweaked to please me the most, rather than to play most optimally. I'll give some suggestions for cards to remove to streamline the deck better, but I have a compulsive C'Thun Mage problem that probably isn't going away until it rotates out of Standard.

This is a Hero Power deck, so naturally we've included all the cards that make your Hero Power better. Fallen Hero and Wildfire for increased damage; Reckless Apprentice for the board clear; Tour Guide and Coldarra Drake for added utility; and Mordresh Fire Eye to finish things off. It might turn out that not all of these pieces are necessary - I'm definitely eyeing those Drakes as potential replaceables - but I think it's good to start out with everything and prune the least useful parts away.

You might notice that there's a lot of spell generation - that's because when I started making this deck, I was initially looking at Starscryer to reliably pull Wildfire for us, and so all our other spells would need to come from other sources. Eventually though, my Casino and C'Thun tendencies got the better of me, and that fell to the wayside. If you're looking to streamline the deck, cutting C'Thun, the Shattered, Runed Orb and Flamestrike will bring that combo back online; Manafeeder Panthara seems like a good card to swap in, along with more Control tools like Varden Dawngrasp.

Another 'just for me' inclusion is the new Kazakus, Golem Shaper. I want to be clear that you should never cut the Apprentices to guarantee this effect, they are by far the better card in this deck.

My final note is that as I was scouring the neutrals, I came across Taelan Fordring and fell in love with him. In this deck you're guaranteed to pull Mordresh with him which is ideal, as that's your main finisher. If you've drawn Mordresh already, getting the Prime from Astromancer Solarian or a Coldarra Drake isn't a bad back-up. For those of you mad enough to keep the C'Thun like me, you might even get to draw it with him!

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