As usual, weekend equals Wild decks. In the midweek we already took a peek at some Even decks inspired by Scholomance Academy, and now we'll continue our studies with a thematically less coherent selection of decks created by our community.

Oil Rogue

The new expansion gave RavenSunHS the perfect Weapon-synergy tools to update one of the old Rogue archetypes, Oil Rogue. Is there any Wild Rogue decks that wouldn't run Secret Passage these days?

Turtle Freeze Mage

Here's Kamouh's Wild version of the so-called Turtle Mage that popped up with the new expansion. The core game plan remains the same: start chaining Tortollan Pilgrims into Potion of Illusion. Then you can use the copies to freeze stuff, or create more copies of turtles or your primary damage source (which in this deck seems to be Desert Obelisk).

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Not many new additions to the Cubelocks' world outside Raise Dead. BloodySaint666's list has cut cards like Kobold Librarian and Mistress of Mixtures for more value-oriented Nerubian Egg and EVIL Genius.

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Quest Priest

I feel like I've been posting a lot of Flesh Giant Priests and Warlocks lately, I should try to cut those down. Watermelon86's list was just too awesome not to include, as he's fully committed to the self-damage strategy, even including Soulbound Ashtongues.

Totem Shaman

This meme-y deck from Blades delivers exactly what it promises: Totems. The game-breaking combo of Totem Goliath followed by Windshear Stormcaller is naturally included.

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