Things Continue to Be Sus With Among Us VR, Coming November 10

Among Us is about to transcend to yet another medium as the game makes it way to VR headsets on November 10, 30 days from now! The game will be playable on Meta Quest, Rift and Steam, and if you pre-order it on the Meta Quest store you can unlock the ‘Mini Crewmate’ hat as a bonus. Check out the trailer below:

The Perfect Place to Be Sus

Having seen the trailer, I think we’re all convinced, at this point, that Among Us was meant for VR. Its core gameplay having been inspired from countless variations of the same game many of us played in high school (we called it Mafia), it is only natural Among Us inches closer to its previous form: a game played by a large group of people, in person, except this time everyone’s on their couch with an expensive helmet on.

As VR headsets slowly become more affordable, Among Us VR launches at the perfect time: When there’s enough people with the aforementioned headsets to keep a healthy game population, and early enough to cement itself as a classic VR game. We can’t wait to see what people get up to in this new version.

Are you excited for Among Us VR? Is it a big enough reason to invest in a VR headset? Let us know in the comments below!