Here we are with another collection of spicy Duels lists for every class!

Just like last timeZelKnow recently posted 虎牙丶夜帆's (the best Duels player in China) deck recommendations for all the 10 classes in Hearthstone's Duels! Each list also shows which Hero Power and which Treasure you should choose, as well as a personal opinion about their power level. Some decks are pretty much the same, others have some minor changes and there are even a couple of new additions.

Jump in the fight and master the unexpected!

Aggro Demon Hunter (Power score: 4,5/5)

This deck has no new additions since the last time - it's just good as it is.

Outlander Card Image Mo'arg Outcast Card Image

Aggro Demon Hunter
A Aggro Demon Hunter Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Spell Druid (Power score: 4,3/5)

While the core remains the same, this build features more protective tools to withstand the aggression from the other contenders: Feral Rage and Wrath take the place of Speaker Gidra and Innervate for a bit more cycle and resilience.

Nature's Gifts Card Image Warden's Insight Card Image

Spell Druid
A Spell Druid Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Deathrattle Hunter (Power score: 4,8/5)

Another archetype that is at the top of the meta and the features just a minor change: Petting Zoo is replaced by Haunted Creeper for more flexibility in the early game trades and to expand the chances to have a Deathrattle to abuse as fast as possible with Death Games.

Death Games Card Image Bonecrusher Card Image

Elemental Mage (Power score: 4/5)

A brand new deck that didn't make the cut in the last article: this list features a small Elemental package made of Confection Cyclone, Water Elemental (very good against class whose win condition is beating you down with their face) and Grand Finale (the big top end win condition), but carries also Ring Toss for some nice defensive tools and other very solid cards like Jandice Barov and Ras Frostwhisper.

Wyrm Bolt Card Image Wand of Dueling Card Image

Elemental Mage
A Elemental Mage Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Dude Paladin (3,5/5)

Just some minor changes: Rallying Blade replaces Truesilver Champion for more Divine Shield synergy and High Abbess Alura is included in place of Blessing of Authority in order to thin the deck, have a chance to cast Men at Arms and get to the important cards like Lothraxion the Redeemed faster.

Bring on Recruits Card Image Men at Arms Card Image

Control Priest (Power score: 4/5)

One of the classes with the least changes: Holy Nova takes The Nameless One's place, but everything else remains the same.

Shadow Mend Card Image Droplet of Insanity Card Image

Weapon Rogue (Power score: 4/5)

Infiltrator Lilian got her [Hearthstone Card (Connection) Not Found] Hero Power nerfed, but Roguish Maneuvers is still good enough to seal games. This episode's list features a slightly more aggressive build: Swindle and Wandmaker leave space for Tour Guide (immediate hero power on 1) and Cloak of Shadows.

Roguish Maneuvers Card Image Deadly Weapons 101 Card Image

Weapon Rogue
A Weapon Rogue Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 3 months ago

Totem Shaman (Power score: 4/5)

Another deck whose 15 initial cards are just too good to be changed. Just press the Hero Power and carve out wins.

Totemic Power Card Image Tempest's Fury Card Image

Discard Warlock (Power score: 5/5)

Warlock is still one of the best classes when it comes to Duels - Dark Arts and Killmox are surrounded by amazingly high synergy and and consistency. Differently from last time, today's list features a build more oriented to control the board rather then cycle through the deck: Warlocks are popular and, despite C'Thun, the Shattered being a win condition you want to assemble as fast as possible, fatigue is a real concern. Therefore, we abandon Free Admission and Fire Breather (not very useful in a mirror) for School Spirits and Shadowlight Scholar.

Dark Arts Card Image Killmox, the Banished One Card Image

Menagerie Warrior (Power score: 4,3/5)

The deck's most relevant change regards the treasure: now Auto-Armaments seems to have gained the edge over Brewster, the Brutal - because of this, there is less reason to run Ringmaster Whatley and Claw Machine as card draw engines in favor of more tools to stabilize like Rattlegore and Shield Block.

No Guts, No Glory Card Image Auto-Armaments Card Image

Menagerie Warrior
A Menagerie Warrior Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 3 months ago

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