The time has come for yet another Tavern Brawl decklist roundup! For this occasion we have a total of 6 decks to choose from. In case you are out of the (time)loop, the current rules are that both players get to play two turns in a row, starting with the one that goes second. 

S'theno OTK Demon Hunter

Starting off with a list that aims to take significant advantage of the unique circumstances. Minions like Doomsayer and Pelican Diver turn into instantaneous removal, while Peasant can guarantee a draw. The combo revolves around Lady S'theno, which can dish out lots of damage thanks to Abusive Sergeant and Mailbox Dancer, supported by Brann Bronzebeard

Mine Rogue

For another kind of combo approach, Mine Rogue can really use that extra turn of preparations. We found that Efficient Octo-bot in particular fits this Brawl, as the Frenzy can easily be activated by attacking the following turn. Snowfall Graveyard and Forsaken Lieutenant are even deadlier now!

Murloc Shaman

Murlocs are clear favorites for this Brawl. In the blink of an eye the board can be swarmed with Murloc Tidehunter, Twin-fin Fin Twin, and Clownfish. Then, all that's left is for a huge Bloodlust or Nofin Can Stop Us to seal the deal.

Big Beast Hunter

Well, if it works in Standard, why not here? Peasant was already a natural fit for K9-0tron to fetch, so it won't mind the overtime. Ideally you'll want your Harpoon Gun to cheapen a Mountain Bear or Hydralodon to get ahead with Beast Based Board Benefits.

Big Spell Mage

More familiar faces with this one. Big Spell Mage actually brings something interesting to the table, as Mailbox Dancer can now die on your own terms and therefore greatly enable Barbaric Sorceress. To get to that important turn 6 even faster, Escaped Manasaber is also there to help. The other 6 mana powerplay is of course Balinda Stonehearth.

Murloc Warlock

Unlike Shaman, Warlock doesn't have the same kind of explosive finishers. Instead, we can unite the fishies for a hefty Chum Bucket hand buff. Slimescale Diver is yet another Dormant Minion that can skip the wait. In case you are really yearning for a board-wide buff, Barrens Blacksmith might just be your best alternative. 

Which decks did you use for this week's Extra-Turn-Extravaganza? Share your thoughts down in the comments!