Welcome, fellow achievement hunter.

Ever since the introduction of the rewards track, each expansion has always brought us a handful of achievements to complete in order to gain more rewards: while some of them are relatively easy to complete, some others may take some time or a proper set up. In case you're wondering what's the best way to gain all that sweet sweet XP locked behind Murder at Castle Nathria's achievements, do not fret, as we have the answer you're looking for!

In this guide we'll focus our attention on the Castle Nathria Neutral achievements and provide at least one way to complete each of them so that you'll be able to get closer to the end of your reward track.

Disclaimer: as always, all expansion achievements can be completed in Ranked Standard, Ranked Wild, Arena, Casual & Heroic Duels and Classic - Casual Standard, Casual Wild and Tavern Brawl will not count towards your hunt! Moreover, we'll always take Ranked Standard as the default game format for our strategies: if we happen to have some strategies or particular interactions belonging to other modes to highlight, we'll be sure to specify it.

Here are all the achievements we're going to complete together:

  1. Bearer of Bad News - Summon 8/16 unique minions with Dinner Performer.
  2. Dry Cleaning Service - Destroy 30 cards with Steamcleaner.
  3. Elementary, My Dear Watson - Correctly guess all three of your opponent's cards with Murloc Holmes.
  4. Gone but Not Forgotten - Discover 30 cards from your deck using Dispossessed Soul.
  5. Let Them Eat Funnel Cake! - Swap a Common and a Legendary card with Theotar, the Mad Duke.
  6. Location, Location, Location! - Activate a Location 60/120/200 times.
  7. Long Live the King - Deal 200/400/600 damage with Sire Denathrius.
  8. Need a Map? - Summon 30 minions with Maze Guide.
  9. No Country for Old Blanchy - Destroy 20/40/80 minions with Sinrunner.
  10. One of the Classic Blunders - Fool your opponents with Suspicious Alchemist, Pirate and Usher.
  11. Seven Deadly Sins - Play 50/100/200 Infused cards.
  12. Stone Legion, Assemble! - Deal 160 damage with Stoneborn General.
  13. Stop! Infuse Time! - Draw 45/90 cards with Famished Fool.
  14. That's the Entire Armory! - End your turn with a 20 Attack or more Sinfueled Golem.
  15. The Imitation Game - Transform Creepy Painting into minions from 10 different classes.
  16. What About Sixteenth Breakfast? - Devour 25 minions with Insatiable Devourer's effect.
  17. Sylvanas Did Nothing Wrong - Take control of 10/20 minions with Sylvanas, the Accused.
  18. Was I a Good Card? - Have 25/50 friendly minions die with Afterlife Attendant.

Castle Nathria Neutral Achievements Overview

This is an all-encompassing category where gradual or even full progress across many achievements just happens by simply playing the game. If you get something completed accidentally, that's usually one of those. Chances are you'll be able to complete a remarkable portion of them without much trouble.

Because there are so many separate small pieces of flexible nature, it wouldn't make much sense to focus on every single achievement here and discuss it with its own deck. Instead, we'll aim to hit as many of them as possible in one grand take, and only separately cover a chosen few that warrant such approach. We may add a simple short note or two for the rest of them where it's applicable.

Edit: guide updated with the achievement from the Maw and Disorder Mini-Set.

Completing Various Neutral Castle Nathria Achievements In One Go

  • Requirement: ---
  • Speed Rating: 6/5?
  • XP Points Rewarded: ---
  • Related Achievements:

As usual, here's a way to complete multiple achievements in a single go. The trick is including as many grindy achievements as possible in a single deck, and then jam it on ladder in order to progress all of them, bit by bit.

The deal is simple: something goes in (say Maze Guide or Famished Fool), and then goes out as soon as the relevant achievement is marked as completed.

Just like for Voyage to the Sunken City, I decided to go with Demon Hunter: Relics are quite a good package for you to go through a good portion of your deck while completing all sorts of achievements. It's definitely a pile of cards with very little synergy, but I actually won a handful of games while achievement hunting!

  • If you're not a fan of this deck or don't have the necessary cards, just settle for your comfort class! Warlock and Shaman are also fine natural choices.

How to Complete the "Bearer of Bad News" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Summon 8/16 unique minions with Dinner Performer.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200/500 XP
  • Related Achievements: none.

Dinner Performer particularly shines in decks that want a very cheap unit to come on board in order for some specific shenanigans to take place: for example, this minion has seen some experimentation in Discard Warlock because of Malchezaar's Imp and Tome Tampering's synergy.

With this being said, Dinner Performer is far from being an auto-include in every deck, so in order to complete Bearer of Bad News without losing too much time we'll have to get a little creative. In particular, we're going to use Druid's Capture Coldtooth Mine.

  • The deck you see below consists of 2 copies of Dinner Performer, 1 copy of Brann Bronzebeard, 2 copies of Capture Coldtooth Mine, 2 copies of Moonlit Guidance and 23 unique copies of your cheapest minions.
    • You need unique copies of those 23 minions because Bearer of Bad News asks you to summon 16 different minions, so you do not want 2 summons to be the same.
  • Start a game and get to the point where you can play Dinner Performer.
    • Before doing so, remember that you have to be able to "pay" the cost of the summoned unit.
  • Play Performer and mark the unit summoned.
  • Once the game is over, remove the summoned unit(s) from your deck and replace it with another equally cheap minion.
  • Repeat the process until you've summoned 16 different minions with Dinner Performer's effect.
  • Dinner Performer and Brann Bronzebeard are the most expensive cards, so Capture Coldtooth Mine will draw either of them.
  • Moonlit Guidance is another way for you to get additional copies of Performers or Brann.

  • Wild format note: in Wild there are far more 0-Cost minions, as well as better quality 1-drops to include, so you might want to complete Bearer of Bad News over there.

How to Complete the "Dry Cleaning Service" Neutral Achievement

This is not an achievement you can complete as you normally play the game: not many effects are able to shuffle cards in your or your opponent's decks, so you'll necessarily have to get fancy.

In Standard, we located two main ways for you to complete Dry Cleaning Service:

I personally completed Dry Cleaning Service in Wild with the aid of Rogue's Togwaggle's Scheme.

  • Find yourself a slow matchup and improve Togwaggle's Scheme as much as you can.
  • Keep the board clear so that you'll be less likely to die.
  • When you cannot keep your opponent at bay anymore, cast Togwaggle's Scheme on any unit and then play Steamcleaner.
  • If you own it, you can also include two copies of Academic Espionage, but be sure to do so while Steamcleaner is already in your hand!
  • Augmented Elekk is another expensive but very efficient tool Wild has at disposal.

As a final note, The Fires of Zin-Azshari (maybe in combination with Prince Renathal) is another particularly great way to complete this achievement in no time.

How to Complete the "Elementary, My Dear Watson" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Correctly guess all three of your opponent's cards with Murloc Holmes.
  • Speed Rating: 5/5 if you own Murloc Holmes, 3/5 if you don't.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200 XP
  • Related Achievements: none.

There's no real way for you "cheat" this achievement other than playing really slow, paying a lot of attention to what your opponent is playing, has played and hasn't played and, of course, being a bit lucky.

If you purchased the Tavern Pass, you'll have a Diamond copy of Murloc Holmes, but even if you disenchanted it during the first few days of the expansion you may still be able to get the job done and complete Elementary, My Dear Watson without spending any dust.

For those who still own Murloc Holmes, we suggest you to play some slow decks: include it in every deck you play whose goal isn't to kill your opponent on turn 4 and you'll get there within a few tries.

However, if you, like me, disenchanted Murloc Holmes without completing Elementary, My Dear Watson, then this is the deck you'll want to try out.

  • This deck revolves around Amalgam of the Deep targeting a friendly Murloc and allowing you to Discover a minion from that tribe, which Murloc Holmes belongs to.
  • Bolner Hammerbeak and Brann Bronzebeard will trigger your Amalgam Battlecries an additional time, which Brilliant Macaw will act as a secondary Amalgam in case you weren't lucky with your Discoveries.
  • Once you manage to get your hands on a Murloc Holmes, consider playing it as late in the game as you can, possibly together with
  • Bolner Hammerbeak or Brann Bronzebeard for an additional chance to guess the cards right.
  • As you can imagine, this strategy is RNG dependent, as we're not guaranteed to generate a Murloc Holmes, although we think the odds are good enough for us to try it out.

How to Complete the "Gone but Not Forgotten" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Discover 30 cards from your deck using Dispossessed Soul.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200 XP
  • Related Achievements: see below.

Our suggestion is to complete Gone but Not Forgotten while trying to complete any other Location-dependent achievement. For example, here are some class achievements you can try to complete while grinding this one:

How to Complete the "Let Them Eat Funnel Cake!" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Swap a Common and a Legendary card with Theotar, the Mad Duke.
  • Speed Rating: 5/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200 XP
  • Related Achievements: none.

Quite easy achievement, especially because Let Them Eat Funnel Cake doesn't specify which player needs to have the Common and which the Legendary. We think that this achievement can be completed as you normally play the game, especially because you usually want to steal Legendaries (which are often times key cards) and give your opponent some crap (Rares or Commons).

If you want to grind Let Them Eat Funnel Cake alone, then we suggest you to run a deck with 15 Commons and *looks at budget* 15 Legendary cards.

  • The Legendary cards you include do not really matter, as long as Theotar, the Mad Duke makes the cut.
  • Moreover, you can pick any class you want: we went with Warlock just because of the Life Tap Hero Power.
  • Theotar, the Mad Duke's Battlecry will start by showing your opponent's hand: pick the card based on the cards you have in hand.
  • You can combine Theotar with Brann Bronzebeard in order to have a second shot at it, in case you fail the first attempt.

How to Complete the "Location, Location, Location!" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Activate a Location 60/120/200 times.
  • Speed Rating: 2/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 100, 100 and 500 XP
  • Related Achievements: see below.

Pretty much like for Gone but Not Forgotten, you'll complete this achievement as you grind other Location-dependent achievements.

However, you are free to progress Location, Location, Location! by... playing the game! Play the deck you prefer, as long as you include one or two copies of the class' Location!

How to Complete the "Long Live the King" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Deal 200/400/600 damage with Sire Denathrius.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 100, 100 and 500 XP
  • Related Achievements:

600 may seem a very big number if you haven't played the game in a while, but if you have you know that Sire Denathrius usually deals 30ish damage each times it comes into play, meaning that you'll need around 20 Battlecries to complete Long Live the King - not that bad, huh?

If you want to complete this achievement as soon as possible, then you should just include Sire Denathrius in every deck you play: as long as you run minions, Denathrius will grow in power and you'll progress Long Live the King.

If you wanna be a little more "meta", then Druid and Shaman are two of the best classes to feed Sire Denathrius.

0 14200 14200 2349 0
0 21600 21600 1103 0

How to Complete the "Need a Map?" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Summon 30 minions with Maze Guide.
  • Speed Rating: 4/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200 XP
  • Related Achievements: none.

No real way to speed things up other than running Maze Guide in every achievement hunting deck that allows you to do so. If you still want to complete Need a Map? with some fashion, then we have two suggestions:

  • The first one consists of running Maze Guide in a rather aggressive Evolve Shaman list: turn 1 Muck Pools into turn 2 Maze Guide looks like a really fun curve on paper.
  • The second suggestion is to go all in with Rogue's bounce effects - see the deck below.

How to Complete the "No Country for Old Blanchy" Neutral Achievement

Pretty much like Need a Map? and Stone Legion, Assemble!, except No Country for Old Blanchy will take more time and will require your opponents to play minions, which unfortunately isn't something we can always count on.

In Standard, we suggest you to use a Druid deck, mainly because Malfurion has Living Seed (Rank 1) which can tutor and discount Sinrunner, making our achievement hunt more consistent.

How to Complete the "One of the Classic Blunders" Neutral Achievement

Disclaimer: as we speak, this achievement is currently bugged: even if you play one of the 3 Suspicious minions and your opponent doesn't guess correctly, you won't receive any progress; however, things work when it's your turn to guess. Considering this, it is impossible for us to provide strategies: waiting for Team 5 to fix this bug is the smartest choice even if you're the most dedicated achievement hunter.

How to Complete the "Seven Deadly Sins" Neutral Achievement

As you can imagine, Seven Deadly Sins is supposed to be complete as you play the game after Murder at Castle Nathria's release: if you mess around with the new cards, you'll eventually get there.

If you really want to grind this out (which we do not recommend not because it' difficult, but just because it's meaningless), include every Infuse card in a deck as well as some bouncers and you're basically good to go.

How to Complete the "Stone Legion, Assemble!" Neutral Achievement

In order for us to complete Stone Legion, Assemble!, we need to deal 160 damage only with Stoneborn General and not with the Gravewing summoned by General's Deathrattle.

Assuming you don't buff Stoneborn General, it will take you 20 trades in order to complete Stone Legion, Assemble!, which aren't that many if you think about it.

In Standard we're going to abuse Priest's Amulet of Undying.

  • Cycle through your deck, found and play Stoneborn General.
  • Trade Amulet of Undying a couple times.
  • Cast it and summon many Generals for extra achievement progression points.
  • If you play Warrior, Provoke against a crowded opposing board will give you plenty of progress, especially if you manage to cast Riot! before.

For Wild, Big Priest's shell seems like a no brainer to us.

How to Complete the "Stop! Infuse Time!" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Draw 45/90 cards with Famished Fool.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 100 and 200 XP
  • Related Achievements

Considering that Famished Fool is a Neutral card and therefore it's accessible to all classes, it is our opinion that you could and should complete Stop! Infuse Time! while hunting for other achievements: card draw is never going to be bad while grinding stuff, and in fact we ended up including Fool in many other achievement decks throughout every class guide.

If you want to complete Stop! Infuse Time! while also winning games, take a look at this Control Shaman.

How to Complete the "That's the Entire Armory!" Neutral Achievement

Easier than it might seem, especially since That's the Entire Armory will check Sinfueled Golem's Attack at the end of the turn, so you have time to buff it in case the Infuse effect doesn't do the trick by itself.

I personally completed this achievement with Paladin, since Uther has access to many good hand and board buffs.

  • Use your handbuffs cards to power up Sinfueled Golem while it's in your hand.
    • You may want to save a few of them until you draw it.
  • When you finished buffing and Infusing it, consider how much Attack it still needs in order to reach 20.
  • Ring of Courage is a key card, as it can provide up to 8 Attack based on how full the opposing board is.
  • The deck does not run Lightforged Cariel, but it you own the card you should definitely run it, as Blessing of Queens will be beneficial to your cause.

How to Complete the "The Imitation Game" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Transform Creepy Painting into minions from 10 different classes.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200 XP
  • Related Achievements: none.

Awfully annoying achievement, but not difficult at all. Creepy Painting will transform into the first minion that dies, doesn't matter if it's yours of your opponent's. For this reason, there are two ways for you yo complete The Imitation Game:

  • The first one consists of running Creepy Painting in a deck and waiting to queue against all the other 9 classes.
    • For example, you play Creepy Painting in Priest.
    • You get matched against Rogue.
    • You wait for your opponent to play a Rogue minion.
    • You play Creepy Painting and kill the Rogue minion, only for the Painting to turn into it.
    • Repeat with all the other classes.
  • The second one, which I personally prefer, consists of including Creepy Painting in 10 decks belonging to all classes.
    • For example, you play Creepy Painting in Priest.
    • You start a ranked game regardless of what class you're matched against.
    • You wait to have enough mana to play Creepy Painting, a Priest minion and a card that destroys the Priest minion alone.
    • Creepy Painting will turn into the destroyed Priest minion.
    • Repeat the process with the other 9 classes.

Again, quite the annoying achievement, especially because Creepy Painting is more of a meme card than a competitive one, but at least the struggle will be over very soon.

How to Complete the "What About Sixteenth Breakfast?" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Devour 25 minions with Insatiable Devourer's effect.
  • Speed Rating: 4/5.
  • XP Points Rewarded: 200 XP
  • Related Achievements: none.

As obvious as it may sound, the fastest way to complete What About Sixteenth Breakfast? is to play the Infused version of Insatiable Devourer: devouring 3 minions at time will get you there at much of an acceptable pace.

With this being said, you want to grind this achievement in a deck that can summon tokens with ease, so that Infusing Devourer won't be a problem even if you topdeck it late in the game. For this occasion, we think Druid and Shaman (Warlock too) are the best classes.

How to Complete the "Sylvanas Did Nothing Wrong" Neutral Achievement

One of the best cards of the entire mini-set and only 20 procs for the achievement to be completed: these numbers shouldn't scare you even if you're not a dedicated achievement hunter. We think there are two great ways to complete Sylvanas Did Nothing Wrong.

The first one is in Rogue, whose Shadowstep will allow multiple procs in the same game,

The second one is in Shaman, a class which boasts remarkable Battlecry synergies.

How to Complete the "Was I a Good Card?" Neutral Achievement

  • Requirement: Have 25/50 friendly minions die with Afterlife Attendant.
  • Speed Rating: 3/5 
  • XP Points Rewared: 200 and 200 XP
  • Related Achievements:
    • potentially any achievement hunting deck that can afford to run two Spider Tanks.

Not a particularly difficult achievement, especially since you can just include two copies of Afterlife Attendant in every deck you play and you'll complete Was I a Good Card? even before being able to notice it.

If you want to speed up the process, there's a 10 mana Wild combo that will grant 12 progression points each time you're able to pull it off. We are talking about this:

Other Resources

In case you're still deep in your achievement hunt, worry not: we prepared a guide for each class (and neutrals!) for you to take inspiration from, so that you'll be able to complete them in no time for those sweet sweet XP points.

We have added an #achievements channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own decks that you've used to complete the achievements above.

Good luck tackling any of these achievements for your experience boost or just for the sake of satisfying completion!