Another week at the Darkmoon Faire is behind us, and with the weekend's arrival it is time to take a look at our community's Wildest creations.

Control Warlock

Tickatus is the new favourite toy of every Control-oriented Warlock in Wild, and combined with Brann Bronzebeard and some additional copying methods, the potential for causing ragequits is real. This greedy list comes from Thonson.

Big Rogue

With the prevalence of Big Priest and Big Shaman, their Rogue cousin often gets ignored even though it has potential to be just as annoying. In addition to this particular list, goober99 shared a lot of other legend-worthy lists as well.

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Spiteful Druid

Big spells are in the spotlight in this Druid list as almost the entire deck revolves around them. As the traditional Ramp spells are out of the question, stewartpid had to include Darnassus Aspirant and Escaped Manasaber to help accelerate the mana gain.

Highlander Paladin

A lot of Silver Hand Recruits in this list! If the endless army of (potentially Divine Shielded) dudes can't stop your opponent, Richman has also included a Beardo OTK combo for more stubborn resistance.

Even Priest

After creating a Togwaggle deck for every class last week, Neoguli went on to tinker with the idea of Even Priest. The dual class "Health change package" from Scholomance works extremely well with the cheapened hero power.

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Came up with something Fair-ly fun yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to include a guide!