If you're looking for something Wild with a splash of Badlands to play during the weekend, our community got you covered! Let's check out some of their latest creations.

Beast Hunter

Sometimes the best cards of the set aren't the flashiest, and sense124 has found that Messenger Buzzard is both fun and working well in this low-Cost Beast list.

Highlander Warrior

Or maybe it should be called Reno Warrior, especially since there are two Renos now. MrTren's deck isn't leaning too heavily in a single direction but instead has small packages of multiple archetypes included in the list.

Questline Warlock

Travan didn't go all-in with self-damage cards with this Questline list, but instead counts of discarding and Fatigue damage to finish the job. The deck comes with a complete guide and video for those interested.

C'Thun Priest

Alodiel's version of C'Thun Priest is almost as interested in stealing your opponent's stuff as it is feeding your C'Thun with delicious stat buffs.

OTK Shaman & Rogue

Darn it Mark. The master of OTK memes has once again been hard at work and created some ridiculous-sounding combos for you to pull off and take your opponent by surprise, and I couldn't just pick one to showcase. If you have the cards, you're almost obligated to try these.

What have you brought to the Wild showdown? Share your experiences and creations in the comments below!