Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 48: Fort Triumph & RPG in a Box

As the seers have foretold, another Thursday’s come to pass and the Epic Games Store has refreshed their selection of freebies with Fort Triumph – an XCOM-like strategy game with turn-based combat that also puts focus on world exploration – and RPG in a Box, basically a really awesome mini-game editor! Let’s see what both games have in store for us.

Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph has you leading a band of heroes, each with their unique skillset, through a light-hearted parody of a fantasy plot, with the heavy-hearted presence of permadeath. Maps are procedurally-generated, ensuring a fresh experience with each playthrough.

The game boasts four factions and four classes for you to choose from, each with their own traits and skills that let you customize your heroes a different way each time you come back from the realm of permadeath. The environment is full of abilities as well, with trees, boulders and whatnot becoming useful weapons in the heat of battle! Finally, take a rest at your base (yep, there’s base building too!), casually gather some resources and go out into the fray once again.

RPG in a Box

Turn your ideas into full-fledged games without needing to learn programming or modelling. Export your game so it plays standalone and share it with your friends. Awesome, right? Here’s all the features you can find in this amazing, casual game engine:

  • Voxel Editor (build tiles, objects, characters etc.), to build and animate basically everything.
  • Map Editor, a grid-based system that lets you easily create your desired world, placing tiles, NPCs and other objects with the flick of the mouse.
  • Visual-based scripting (think Unreal Engine’s Blueprints) that lets you program events and stuff without needing to write code, just understand it.
  • A well-crafted visual framework for creating NPC dialogue, designed with a flowchart approach to minimize confusion.
  • The ability to choose from three cameras as the player’s POV: Standard, isometric and first-person. Also, the ability to create a custom camera and make something yourself!
  • Three prefabricated combat systems for you to tune to your liking: Turn-based, real-time and menu-driven turn-based.
  • A robust UI editor that lets you customize the appearance of any UI element as well as create unique UI-based mechanics for your game.
  • Item Editor!
  • SFX generator, your own mini-synthesizer that lets you generate retro sound effects in-engine.

If you’ve ever wanted to give game development a shot, RPG in a Box is an excellent tool to see if the job is right for you.

What are you waiting for? Go grab’em! Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below.