Just a short while after the first-ever Mercenaries limited time event, featuring Chi-ji and its companions, Team 5 is back at it with another one. This time, we'll venture into many dangerous Bounty zones with the aid of Leeroy Jenkins, an iconic World of Warcraft player and one of Hearthstone's fan favorite cards of all time.

Our journey won't be in search of just fame and success, but you'll be able to complete a set of 10 event Tasks, which will reward you coins for Leeroy and many other goodies.

Here are all the tasks that are available during the Leeroy Jenkins Mercenaries event. Click any of the links below to visit our guide for the task.

  1. Take'em Down Quick
    • Complete Smolderwing Bounty in less than 30 turns in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: 50 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 25 Nefarian Coins.
  2. Stick to the Plan
    • Complete Dragonbone Golem Bounty with all your Mercs alive in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: Leeroy Jenkins Mercenary.
  3. Lot Of Trouble In The Past
    • Land the killing blow with Stonemaul Banner against Smolderwing in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: 50 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 25 Onyxia Coins.
  4. 32.33 Repeating
    • Complete Vandaar Bounty with at least 3 Orcs in Alterac Valley.
    • Reward: 50 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 50 Vandaar Stormpike Coins.
  5. Scatter Them!
    • Complete Heroic Fallen Guardians Bounty with only Fighters in Felwood.
    • Reward: 60 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 25 Onyxia Coins, 25 Nefarian Coins.
  6. Divine Intervention
    • Complete Apothecary Helbrim Bounty with only Leeroy in The Barrens.
    • Reward: 60 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 50 Random Coins.
  7. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!
    • Deal 200 damage with Leeroy in a single turn.
    • Reward: Golden Leeroy Jenkins Mercenary
  8. Do We Have A Soulstone?
    • Complete Heroic Kazakus Bounty with at least 3 Dragons in Alterac Valley.
    • Reward: 70 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 50 Kazakus Golem Shaper Coins, 25 Random Coins.
  9. A Rough Plan
    • Complete Heroic SI:7 Smuggler Bounty in 25 turns or less in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: 75 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 50 Deathwing Coins, 25 Random Coins.
  10. At Least I Have Chicken...
    • Complete Heroic Onyxia Bounty with at least 5 Humas in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: Diamond Leeroy Jenkins Mercenary.

As you can see, these tasks are quite the mixed bag: while some are fairly simple to complete, others require more than a bit of thinking (and luck: that one's always welcome) and planning ahead.

Moreover, certain tasks clearly state that you need Comps consisting on Mercenaries belonging to specific races in order for your progresses to count: the Chi-Ji event was about Beasts and Dragons, and this time you'll need the help of Orcs, Humans and Dragons.

Not all challenges might be as difficult as they seem at a glance: there are usually tips and tricks to be found to make everyone's lives easier. In this series of guides we'll take a look at how to complete each event Task, so that you'll be able to get your hands on all the rewards available. As of now, we'll focus our attention on our current task.

In case you missed them, if you click the banner below you'll have access to each of our task guides for this event.

Table of Contents

    How to Complete the "A Rough Plan" Task from the Leeroy Jenkins Event

    • RequirementComplete Heroic SI:7 Smuggler Bounty in 25 turns or less in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Rewards: 75 Leeroy Jenkins Coins, 50 Deathwing Coins, 25 Random Coins.
    • Difficulty: 2/5

    The one we're going to talk about is a green-heavy boss fight: every enemy is a Fighter, and the Eggs are going to spawn Fighters as well. Here is a picture of what you'll have to take down at the end of the bounty map.

    Here's a quick breakdown of each character you'll have to deal with.

    SI:7 Smuggler

    The supposed "final boss" of the bounty, but most of the times it's not going to be particularly threatening. Smuggler will open the fight with its To Make An Omelette ability, turning itself into an Onyxia's Egg. If you'll break it, Smuggler will come back with as much Health it had before turning itself into an egg.

    SI:7 Smuggler Card Image To Make An Omelette Card Image Eggcelent Demise Card Image

    Smuggler will occasionally cast a strong AoE, hence why you don't want this unit to be around for too long.

    Angriest Whelps

    Quite annoying, especially since their Reckless First Flight ability is very likely to pop the Eggs and spawn even more Whelps.

    Angriest Whelps have a wide set of a abilities, which spaces from [Hearthstone Card (Dragon Breath 5) Not Found]'s damage/healing to Reckless First Flight's physical damage (with a change to AoE).

    Angriest Whelp Card Image [Hearthstone Card (Dragon Breath 5) Not Found] [Hearthstone Card (Flame Buffet 5) Not Found] Reckless First Flight Card Image

    Taking them out before they snowball out of control and kill your entire Mercs party is a wise choice.

    Onyxia's Eggs

    See it this way: as long as you do not pop these Eggs, you'll have one less enemy to deal with; if you don't, then it's just another couple of Angriest Whelps to take down.

     Oops, All Eggs! Card Image

    Their only ability is an innocent shuffle across the board with no (not that we've recorded so far) consequences on the gameplay.

    In order to complete this bounty in less than 25 turns, we suggest you to build your own party so that it features the strongest Protector synergy available to you, as you want to take down all those pesky Fighters before they start rolling over you. But remember: 25 turns are usually more than enough for you to take care of things, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Suggested Comps

    Here are a few Mercenaries parties you can use to complete the "A Rough Plan" task. You'll be able to choose between many comps, suggested by different content creators, as well as mentions of budget alternatives for our readers that don't have many Legendary Mercs in their collection.

    Out of Cards Recommendation - Orc Comp

    All greens on the other side of the board? Bring in the Orcs, as Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream and Grommash Hellscream will gladly feast on your opponents!

    To prove this comp of being fit for this task, we actually recorded a video showing you that you can pull this off with ease. We were particularly lucky to get Windfury Totem 5 as Thrall's Treasure, which ended up suiciding our own Orcs into the opponents, but on the other hand made the fight really quick.

    Here are few notes:

    • Climbing comp is Thrall-Garrosh Hellscream-Saurfang, but make sure to adapt your strategy based on who you're up against: Fighters vs Casters and Protectors vs Fighters!
    • Pick as many Horde/Orc stats buffs as possible, as well as Protectors boons.
      • You're going to kill your opponents through physical damage, so the more stats the merrier.

    Old Guardian's Smite Comp

    For those unfamiliar with the so-called "Smite combo", we're talking about a semi-infinite attack loop generated by Mr. Smite's Overboard 1Cornelius Roame's Blessing of Sacrifice 1 and Rokara's Offensive Rally 1.

    This is a breakdown of what will happen.

    1. Mr. Smite's Overboard 1 will trigger as soon as a Mercs of yours receives damage, granting you attack and attacking a random enemy.
    2. Rokara's Offensive Rally 1 will give Smite a stats buff whenever it attacks.
    3. Cornelius Roame's Blessing of Sacrifice 1 will redirect Mr. Smite's recoil damage towards Cornelius itself, triggering Overboard 1 once again.
    4. Repeat the cycle until either all your opponents are dead or Cornelius Roame's health goes to 0.

    Here are a few notes:

    • You can use the climbing trio you prefer: the usual Fire Comp (Ragnaros-Baron Geddon-Balinda Stonehearth) is a sure-fire, but you can really include anything you're familiar with.
    • Blessing of Sacrifice 1 is very slow at the beginning, so having it upgraded will make things a lot easier.
      • For reference, [Hearthstone Card (Blessing of Sacrifice 5) Not Found] is speed 2!
    • It would be best for Cornelius Roame to have Shield of Dawn 2 as equipment, since it will grant Cornelius more survivability and therefore more Overboard 1 hits.

    Other Resources

    Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your Mercenaries progression journey, and we have added an #mercenaries channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own parties that you've used to complete the tasks above.

    Good luck taking on any of these Bounties for those sweet sweet coins or just for the sake of satisfying completion!