The expansion has arrived, and we're sourcing our wonderful community to see what kind of brewery has been happening on the Wild side of Hearthstone during the first week of Badlands.

Highlander Paladin

As one of the Highlander classes of the expansion, Paladins got some fancy new tools for the archetype. A Pure variant by qullo can be seen below, while Korgano has shared a non-Pure Reno-including list.

Reno OTK Mage

Uh oh. Did Blizzard realize this interaction exists? MarkMcKz sure did. Once you hit Arcane Bullet from Reno's Hero Power, you can just drop Coldarra Drake and win.

Sludge OTK Warlock

Speaking of OTKs, chrisroed has shared this combo list that will blast all Barrels of Sludge at once while sweeping your opponent's board to clear the way to the enemy Hero. MarkMcKz has also shared his version, with a slightly different combo setup.

Dragon Druid

Druid got Blizzard's "subtle hint" treatment for the archetype they want to see Druid players tinker with this expansion, and sense124 duly obliged. Highlander versions of the archetype have been tested by MrRhapsody and anchorm4n.

Excavate Bomb Warrior

Or is it a Galakrond Warrior? Kamouh's list packs a triple threat strategy to keep your opponent guessing.

What have you brought to the Wild showdown? Share your experiences and creations in the comments below!