With Maw and Disorder out in the open for the past few days, players have had enough time to experiment with its cards that we can gather up a clutch of decks featuring cards from Hearthstone's newest Mini-Set. So, that's exactly what we did: grabbing two decks for each class, every one of them featuring at least one new card, and slapping them all together into this article for your viewing pleasure.

Take a look, won't you? And keep in mind, some of the newly introduced cards don't yet fully all work as intended or expected.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter's Handless archetype got a huge boost from Sightless Magistrate, a solid 4-Drop that rewards spitting cards all over the place with reckless abandon. The most successful aggro list, currently, is this one that runs Mankrik instead of Lady S'theno.

This Demon Hunter deck doesn't have a lot of new to it, but Prosecutor Mel'tranix is worthy of inclusion. You'll never understand the amount of restraint it took for us not to name this deck "Mel's Fel Spells Relic Shell."


Druid is doing the Dew Process with this Ramp deck that also runs Sylvanas, the Accused for extra removal. This isn't a Mill Dew deck, but the Dew does do a good job of drawing you more cards.

This Ramp Druid cuts the Dew for a heavier top-end, going all the way to the top with The Jailer and Naga Giant.


Big Beast Hunter was the best deck before the Mini-Set, and it's decided to chug right along by adding Defense Attorney Nathanos to repeat the Deathrattles of Imported Tarantula, Azsharan Saber, and Mountain Bear.

If you want to go a little more all-in, this Big Beast Hunter goes for a big Infuse package that includes Afterlife Attendant to feed Shadehound, Huntsman Altimor, Sylvanas, the Accused, and Sire Denathrius, in addition to the normal Big Beast stuff.


It's no Secret (get it?) what Mage's most popular deck has been since the Mini-Set dropped, and Objection! is proving to be a hard card to figure out for those playing against it. With the new Secret to play with, Orion, Mansion Manager is becoming quite the pain to get rid of.

This Secret Mage takes the new Secret package and jams it into a Wildfire deck with Mordresh Fire Eye and Magister Dawngrasp as finishers.


Pure Paladin got some help from Class Action Lawyer, and this Pure deck goes heavy on Silver Hand synergies with Jury Duty and Buffet Biggun, among others.

This Paladin deck takes advantage of Order in the Court to put The Jailer and some other heavy hitters on top of the deck, then use Immune minions (including free Legendaries from The Countess) to run the opponent over before the Fatigue matters.

Meanwhile, the Paladin deck that runs The Jailer combo with Kael'thas Sinstrider and Cavalry Horn has a cool highroll, but the deck itself isn't actually - what's the word for it? - good.


Incriminating Psychic is bringing its talents to Thief Priest, giving the greedy archetype a new way to get value from The Harvester of Envy.

This take on Thief Priest gets a lot greedier, adding in Drakonid Operative for its inherent synergy with Incriminating Psychic and doubling up the Psychic's Deathrattle with Xyrella, the Devout.


Rogue hasn't got a whole lot of interest in playing with its new toys, but this Tess Thief deck does run the new Secret Perjury, perfect for a Combo play from Private Eye.

Miracle Rogue got Scribbling Stenographer, a decent Rush minion who goes great with the established strategy of "play all the cards."


Shaman is even less inclined to try out the new cards than Rogue; its best attempt has been adding a single copy of Sylvanas, the Accused to the Control Shaman lists that have earned the nickname "Moist" for obvious reasons.

A very similar list to the first one, except it cut a copy of Insatiable Devourer for a Crud Caretaker.


It's always going to come back to Imps for Warlock, as this Implock deck goes a little larger with a Prince Renathal build that opens up space for Imp-oster and Arson Accusation, as well as a top-end that starts with Sylvanas, the Accused and keeps going.

Don't forget about Abyssal Curses, though. This version of Curse Implock is also running Sylvanas, the Accused, as well as the removal power of Arson Accusation.


Enrage Warrior has its ups and downs, and this version of the deck is using the testimony of a Weapons Expert to boost the power of Imbued Axe, or to make sure they have it in hand.

Weapons Expert is also lending his expertise to Charge Warrior, the Control Warrior variant that uses Mana discounts From the Depths to copy Captain Galvangar, then give him Windfury with Battleground Battlemaster.

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